Held Over



Hey everybody,

the film has been held over at The Carlton! So, it’ll be playing at least until May 19th. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out last weekend here’s your second opportunity. Showtimes for next week are 4:05pm and 9pm.

We had a great response last weekend, especially during the Q&A’s. Just need to keep spreading the word, let people know what they’re missing out on.


Deleted Scenes

2nd Classroom scene from Made By Other People on Vimeo.

In honour of our run being extended I’ve decided to throw up some of the deleted scenes from the film. This is the 2nd classroom scene. It features Dylan Harman, Stephanie, Maynard Schohfield Coveart, Andrew Garcia, and Patrick Yan. All deleted scenes are a bit rough as they were cut out of the film at various stages of the edit. They also aren’t colour corrected or sound mixed.


Behind The Scenes Doc

Mitchell Arend has completed the behind the scenes doc on the film. It turned out great and really captures the tone and vibe of the shoot. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you Mitch for preserving this memory. It’ll be available on the IndieGoGo Blu-Ray perk. I’ll also be throwing up a few clips to give everybody a taste.


Festival and Awards

We took home two more awards at the Sunscreen Film Festival for Best Feature Film and Best Supporting Actor (Julian Richings). The festival also gave a Legacy Award to Gary Busey. Sounds like my kind of festival.

The film will also be playing at…

Cinema At The Edge Film Fest (Santa Monica) May 22 @ 5pm

Berkshire International Film Fest (Great Barrington, MA) June 5 @ 11:30am

Thanks and stay tuned!

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