Festivals, Distribution, and More Festivals

Hey everybody,

things are finally starting to pick up for The Rainbow Kid. It’ll be playing at the Beijing International Film Festival in April as well as a number of other festivals in the States. Below is a list. If you happen to live in one of these cities then go and check out the family. Also, bring a friend will ya.

Beijing International Film Festival (Beijing) April 8-23

*Part of the Forward Future competition

Fort Myers Film Festival (Florida) April 7-10

Vail Film Festival (Colorado) April 7-10

Gasparilla International Film Festival (Tampa) March 30-April 3

Athens International Film and Video Festival (Ohio) April 4-10

Julien Dubuque International Film Festival (Dubuque) April 21-24

Riverside International Film Festival (California)

We’re excited to announce that The Rainbow Kid took home Best Feature at the Speechless Film Festival (March 17-19). Wish I could have been there. Thanks to everybody who attended the screening and supported the film.

A71 has secured Canadian distribution rights. The plan isĀ for a theatrical release this Spring. Stay tuned for feature updates.

Dylan didn’t win at the Actra Awards. He lost to Christopher Plummer. I guess if you’re going to lose to anybody, he’s the guy to lose to. Still super proud of him…Dylan that is.

The majority of the IndieGoGo perks have been sent out. The only remaining one is the Blu Rays. Soon I promise!

Stay tuned!




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